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Kaméa Labs SAS with a share capital of €11,111.11 registered with the Paris Commercial Registry under number 912 288 685 and having its registered office at 63b Rue Ramey 75018 Paris. On this website, all information and data related to digital assets and private markets is provided for information purposes only, even if it has been established from serious and reputable sources. It does not constitute an offer to buy or sell alternative assets, nor does it constitute an advice, an inducement or a recommendation to trade in such assets. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and investing in private markets involves a risk of total or partial capital loss.
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Blockchain enabled technologies are inducing a profound cultural and economic shift. By allowing secure peer to peer exchange of value, they spark the creation of a new society where individuals become participants rather than observers. At Kamea Labs, we see this (r)evolution as a unique opportunity to foster the development of a more inclusive and virtuous financial ecosystem. 👉 One that captures untapped value by transcending the barriers between builders, investors and users. 👉 One that empowers individuals and corporations through facilitated access to capital and knowledge. 👉 One that redefines economic opportunities for years to come. Our goal is to turn this vision into reality , by crafting transparent, efficient and inclusive investment frameworks that leverage decentralized technologies to power the stakeholder economy.
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